Montgomery County deals with power outages, downed trees

(WJLA) - Sunday brought a one-two punch of snow and freezing rain to Montgomery County that, even a day later, has people throughout the area anxious and nervous on the roads.

The county's school system closed down for the day due to the storm's aftermath, but those who were compelled to head out to work did so on some treacherous, slushy roads.

In the neighborhoods off of Baur Drive in Rockville, hundreds spent the night in the dark and cold; the ice proving too much for some power lines that are now strewn across roadways.

Seemingly at every turn, ice has taken over as residents emerged to chip away ice from their cars. For Cindy Chin, she was greeted by a section of tree that came down onto her snow-covered car.

Later on Monday night in Gaithersburg, residents are keeping a close eye on Tuesday morning's forecast. The Maryland State Highway Administration says it has 982 trucks ready to go, while the District says it has more than 200 ready.

"I'm very worried because I work in Virginia, and there's a long commute," said Melissa Dupree.

And in Northern Virginia, there are more than 1,200 trucks prepped.

"Pretty concerned...I'm driving all the way from Frederick, so I guess I'll have to leave a couple hours early," said Nate Jackson.

"I might even take the Metro instead of drive, just to stay off the icy roads," added Bill Reges of Germantown.

Trucks pre-treated the roads before Sunday's storm, but a Maryland Highway spokesperson says with roads still wet on Monday, it wouldn't have worked to do it again.

Even with the pre-treatment, yesterday's snow, sleet, and freezing rain caused accidents and made driving tough.

"I left my house 15 minutes after it started snowing yesterday, and the car was just sliding all over the road -- I had to turn it around and take it back home," said one commuter.

On Monday night, fog rolled in and reduced visibility, but on Tuesday, it looks like it won't be fog but snow piling on top of what's already out there.