Mitt Romney leading in Virginia among veterans

Though neither President Barack Obama nor GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney was a military man, they both play the part as much as possible in Virginia Thursday.

One was introduced by a former Navy secretary, the other, a former Veteran’s Affairs secretary. -

While Romney is behind in in the polls in Virginia, he is winning among veterans, a massive block of possibly 800,000 often reliable voters.

"He's right on the money, beginning to look more like a Marine all the time,” says one.

In an interview with ABC7, Romney said the looming defense through sequestration cuts is what separates him, from the president.

“My path, we maintain our military commitment we do not cut our military budget,” Romney says. “His path cuts the military, kills 137,000 jobs here in Virginia. Unacceptable,”

But the president has his own military cheering section.

“I see soldiers who defend our freedom every single day, and I see those military families who are wondering whether loved ones come back home safe and sound, that's who I see,” the president says.

He's ended the Iraq war, is winding down Afghanistan and boasts the death of Osama bin Laden.

And there's that now hot-button topic where Romney seemingly dismissed the 47% percent, which includes military overseas who don't pay federal income tax.