Mike Young, pilot, flies dogs to safety

Pilot Mike Young volunteers to fly shelter dogs to new homes. (Photo: WJLA)

A Maryland pilot is giving shelter dogs a second chance by flying them from high-kill shelters to places where they are more likely to find a home.

Mike Young is part of a volunteer service called Pilots and Paws.

"People have dogs that have to be transported," Young said. "These are rescuers that pull them from high-kill shelters [which] post on the website that they have dogs to move from point A to point B."

He became inspired to give back to other dogs when his German Shephard Conan died last year of cancer.

"He responded well to the chemo, but his kidneys failed and that's ultimately why we had to put him to sleep," Young said.

Young often scans the site to see if there are any nearby rescue flights he can do.

"Transporting dogs is one of the most important steps in saving dogs," he said. "You have to move them from rural areas typically to more urban areas where there's a higher chance that they're going to get rescued."

Young has saved more than 100 dogs on more than 20 rescue flights and finds the experience rewarding.

"When you look into the new owner's eyes for the first time they are going to get to hold their dog and they hold that dog like they've had it forever, you know that dog is going to have a good life," he said.

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