Metro waiting on parts to fix trains' air-conditioning

Get ready to sweat. (Photo by Metro)

On days of more than 100-degree heat, the lack of air conditioning in some Metrorail cars is a concern for riders. Metro officials say they're trying to expedite fixing the hot rail cars.

About one in 20 cars is without air conditioning. That's not as bad as last year, when about one in 10 cars were without cooling, but little comfort to commuters cramped in stifling rail cars.

“It's horrifying,” said rider Marcus Arvellos.

Metro officials say the 1,000 and 5,000-series cars are the most prone to making you lose your cool. While officials are working to speed up the repair process, they can't keep a cache of parts on hand and thus have to wait for the orders to come in.

“We have the money, we have the resources, what we have right now is a need for parts,” said Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

Tim Wilson says a woman on his hot rail car collapsed Wednesday at the Minnesota Avenue station right after asking if there was something wrong with the air–conditioning system.

“The girl, she went out. She fainted on the train,” Wilson said.

Anna Lee Silver, another Metro rider, also said the heated cars caused problems on her commute.

“A couple of trains had to be stopped and unloaded for the fact that people were getting sick and had to be taken off the train,” she said.

If you get onto a hot train car, you can report it to Metro on Twitter using the hashtag #hotcar.