Metro riders may wait longer for trains

Time is money – and for Metro, it’s a lot of money.

To cut costs, Metro is proposing the rail system could save $6 million a year if passengers wait longer for trains on the weekends. For riders, that will mean more standing, reading, texting for up to 25 minutes.

Metro needs to close a $66 million budget gap. So on Saturdays the proposal is to increase the current 12 minute wait to 18 minutes and after 9:30 p.m. it'll be 25 minutes between trains.

Reaction on the rail wasn't favorable at all.

“They got to do something better than that,” said William Thomas, a Metro rider.

As for Sundays, the current 15 minute wait would be increased to 20 minutes between trains and after 9:30 p.m. it will be 25 minutes.

“It'd be a really big inconvenience,” said Ilana Spar, a Metro user. “I'd probably take a cab instead rather than wait 25 minutes to get somewhere.”

There's an online survey open for rider opinions until Friday and there are public hearings about increasing wait times around the DC.-metro area through Thursday.