Metro falling short of performance standards

A new Metro report shows the transit agency is falling short of meeting its own performance standards, even after lowering the bar.

According to the Washington Examiner, only 74.5 percent of the Metro buses were on time in May, even after the goal was lowered from 80 percent to 78 percent.

The transit agency also consistently fell below the goal of 90 percent availability for escalators, the report says.

In May, more than one out of every six escalators was malfunctioning.

On Tuesday morning, all entrance escalators at the Foggy Bottom station in Northwest were out of service. By the end of the Wednesday rush hour, one escalator at Foggy Bottom, which has seen numerous outages this year, was working. The down escalator was still nonfunctional.

Metro is working to completely replace nine escalators and overhaul or repair 144 more.

The transit agency{ }says it typically takes about three month to overhaul an escalator, depending on unit age, condition, and availability of parts.

Metro board members are expected to get a closer look at this report on Thursday.