Metro approves 15-30+ minute wait times during track work

A Metro committee has approved some cutbacks that could have riders waiting a minimum of 30 minutes for some trains.

The Metro signs showing what time you can expect a train may soon be a number you don't want to see!

The committee just approved guidelines that say it would be acceptable for trains to run every 30 minutes during off-peak times and every 15 minutes during peak times.

But that's only when maintenance or repair work is underway on the line.

"Fifteen minutes would be hell for me, especially, if I'm in a hurry," says Jada Ware, a Metro rider.

Metro officials say adopting these new wait times wouldn't mean trains would run a maximum of 15 minutes apart during rush hour; it would only be the minimum.

Officials also say, these new guidelines shouldn't have any effect on wait times during normal operations.

Either way, riders aren't on board with the proposed wait times.

"For me, that would be terrible because I live in Maryland," says Jordan Woods, a Metro rider. "So, every minute that I have to wait, I won't get home until 8 p.m. or 830."