Memphis-area duck, Buttercup, gets prosthetic foot

Buttercup, who lives at a Memphis fowl sanctuary, is moving around easier. Photo: WSMV/CNN

Prosthetic limbs are nothing new for humans, but for a duck, it's something special. For one lucky duck in Tennnessee, it ended what doctors believed was searing pain.

According to WSMV in Nashville, the duck, Buttercup, received a prosthetic leg that was made with a 3D printer. Buttercup, who lives at a water fowl sanctuary near Memphis, was born with an inverted foot that had to be amputated.

What keepers did to fix the problem is remarkable. WSMV reports that the duck's sister modeled her foot to generate an image, then sanctuary owner Mike Gary procured a 3D printer from a Nashville company to make a replica foot.

Gary then used the replica to make a version that operated like a regular duck's foot and slipped it on Buttercup.

"Him getting up the first time and walking really fast on it, it was pretty overwhelming," Gary told WSMV. "For it to work right off the bat, it was truly an amazing thing."