Memorial Day Travel: Some drivers adjust plans to avoid gas prices

It's not that people don't have plans for Memorial Day. It's they don't involve filling up the gas tank.

Kacy Shelby of Manassas says she’ll be "just barbequing, spending time with family." Affie Mahzoun of Herndon has similar plans: a cookout with family and friends.

While gas prices fell over the weekend, they’re still more than a dollar higher than they were this time last year, when a gallon cost $2.83 compared to this Tuesday’s $3.92 on average across the Washington metropolitan region.

Still, AAA predicts little change in the number of people hopping in the car this year.

Mahzoun says his family changed their travel plans. “Gas prices are booming, so we decided to stay closer to home,” he said.

Beltsville resident James Brown considered heading down to Virginia Beach. “Gas prices definitely gated that thought. No driving,” he said.

Those who are planning to drive will have to pay: AAA estimates Memorial Day travelers in the D.C. region will spend about $813 round-trip. Of that, more than $250 will go towards gas, nearly a third of the total cost.

Shelby of Manassas said even at stations with prices well above $4, people buy gas. “I saw one gas station off 14th that was $4.60 and people were still lining up at the pump,” she said.

McLean resident Ron Caffi is among those filling up for the long weekend. As his family heads to Northern Neck, at least they won’t be piling into this truck. "I'm driving something that gets a whole lot better gas mileage. My wife's car," Caffi said.

Analysts say prices could tumble to $3.50 per gallon by June, the Associated Press reports.