Mei Xiang's panda cub takes first steps

The cub has been able to get on her hind legs and take a few steps. Photo: National Zoo

(WJLA) - You know what they say about children - once they start walking, they never stop.

With that, we wonder what must be going through Mei Xiang's mind, as her panda cub took her first steps at the National Zoo over the weekend.

The panda's keepers say that the cub has been able to stand up and take a few steps before sitting down to crawl over the past several days. She hasn't gotten far, but on Sunday, zoo officials say the cub made it to as far as the door of her enclosure.

Instead of going outside, though, keepers say that the cub got tired and took a nap.

The cub, who now weighs 10.34 pounds, still does not have a name. The public can vote on five possible names for the cub through Nov. 22, and her name will be announced on Dec. 1.