Marine's dog run over by car

Three-year-old Moose is recovering at Friendship hospital for animals after a car ran over the pit bull last weekend in D.C.

"I felt horrible because he was in so much pain. I can't imagine," said the dog’s owner Laurie Sheik. "We think that somebody, one of the workers must have left the gate open."

The dog’s hind leg was caught under a car and dragged. Some of his ligaments were sheared away with the bone. Now a metal fixator is supporting his ankle.

"I think everyone here, as soon as they met him, had an emotional bond with him," said Dr. Mathieu Glassman.

Sheik is a U.S. Marine who returned from Afghanistan five weeks ago.

"I'm not a crier...but...I did twice," she admits.

The medical bills including surgery and aftercare run nearly $10,000.

“I was trying to figure out... I was working trying to figure out how I was going to manage to cover it without putting myself in absolute horrible financial position,” Sheik said.

Friendship Hospital for Animals decided to help through its donation fund.

"It's what keeps me coming to work everyday. I think it's very special to be able to help them and help people who really care about them,” Glassman said.

Doctors say, they hope will the dog will be able to go home tomorrow.