Louisiana women struck by lightning inside kitchen, grocery store

If you didn't think it was possible to get struck by lightning while you're inside, the experiences of two women in southern Louisiana will probably change your mind.

A pair of women in Houma, La. were both struck while standing inside a grocery store and her kitchen respectively in the past several weeks. Both are recovering from their injuries.

Several weeks ago, Mona Billiot was cooking jambalaya in her kitchen during a thunderstorm when she saw a large flash of lightning come through her window. Officials say that she may have survived because she was holding onto a plastic spoon when she was struck.

More recently, Lakeisha Brooks and her soon sought refuge inside a grocery store during a storm, and while she was checking out, she got struck. Officials believe in that case a bolt traveled through the building's sprinkler system and hit the woman while she stood on a metal floor.

"It went straight through me," Brooks said. "It went from my head down the back of my spine to my left thigh and my foot."

Brooks suffered blisters on her thigh and foot.