London discoveries: British tea

Just three days until the Royal Wedding and London is abuzz with tourists and last minute preparations. Flags are going up along the streets near Westminster Abbey and decorative trees were delivered Tuesday.

Meanwhile, some royal enthusiasts hoping to get the best view have started camping outside the abbey already. There are a lot of English traditions for visitors to experience in London. One of the longest standing ones is British tea time.

At Grosvenor House hotel, guests enjoy Prince William champagne with afternoon teas.

It’s an occasion to celebrate with friends or family while enjoying beautiful atmosphere and delectable delights. Chef Nigel Boschetti has customized afternoon tea service this month with a royal couple theme. From the delicate sandwiches to the sweet treats, every creation has special significance.

“We've also done some research on Kate Middleton’s hometown and one of the things we came up is a coconut and lemon cake,” Boschetti said.

The treats are delicious and indulgent with every bite dense with flavor. Afternoon tea is a splurge in terms of calories and price, however. At a high end hotel it rings in at about $75 dollars per person.