Logan McFarland, Angela Atwood charged in Utah deaths, Nevada shooting

SALT LAKE CITY (AP, WJLA) - Authorities say they've arrested a pair of suspects in the killing of an elderly Utah couple and the shooting of a woman outside a Nevada casino.

Supervisory Deputy U.S. Marshal Jim Phelps tells The Associated Press that 24-year-old Logan Welles McFarland and Angela Atwood were arrested Tuesday in Nevada outside of a casino.

The crime spree involved a shooting Saturday in the parking lot of a West Wendover, Nev., casino, when a man and woman tried to carjack another woman. The victim fought back but was shot in the head while escaping. She made her way to a police station and was hospitalized. She is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

"Had she not resisted in the manner that she did, she probably would have been a third victim," Phelps said.

The suspects later stole a car as it idled outside a hotel in Wells, Nev., about 50 miles west of the casino. A 50-mile chase by authorities along Interstate 80 reached speeds of nearly 100 mph before the suspects turned onto a dirt road and disappeared about 35 miles from the Utah border., Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Stewart said.

"We haven't seen them since," he said.

Police in West Wendover found items in a car abandoned by the suspects that led them to the home of Leroy and Dorotha Fullwood, 70 and 69 respectively, in Mount Pleasant, Utah, about 100 miles south of Salt Lake City. The couple had been shot to death.

Police say there were signs of a struggle and believe it may have been a robbery gone bad. Investigators say the killers used the dead couple's credit cards. Surveillance video of McFarland was captured at a nearby convenience store.

"A credit card receipt was found in the vehicle that corresponded with the residence here," said Mt. Pleasant Police Chief Jim Wilberg.

Authorities earlier on Tuesday issued an arrest warrant for McFarland accusing him of burglarizing the couple's Mount Pleasant home.