Local fans wins ABC7 tickets to Oprah show

With just seven Oprah Winfrey shows remaining, anticipation is building for that final show. One local Oprah fan is lucky enough to get to see one of those last shows: Susan Williamson is the final ABC7 Oprah fan to win the coveted trip to Chicago.

“She’s part of the family, she became part of the family, you watch her everyday she comes into your home,” Williamson said. Williamson is making sure she has everything she needs for her trip to see one of the last Oprah Winfrey shows, including the tickets to Oprah's surprise farewell concert.

“I think it's going to be breathtaking and I don't think words are, I just don't know I'm just honored to be there,” she said.

Williamson is taking her younger sister Ana Lee to Chicago with her as a birthday present. They're both already emotional about this trip they won't soon forget.

“I get teary-eyed already, it's just really exciting, really exciting,” Ana Lee said.