Local detailer helps refurbish Air Force One

From washing to drying, Michael Iannarelli says detailing is an art form. It’s a lifelong hobby and his profession.

He says he enjoys every aspect of what he does.

His attention to detail earned him a spot on a 30-person team selected nationwide to detail the original Air Force One used by presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon.

It’s based in the Seattle museum of flight.

Iannarelli says being able to work on Air Force One, president's vehicle, is overwhelming.

Compared to a standard car detail of a few hours, cleaning up the first flying Oval Office takes a week.

“Unfortunately, Air Force One sits outside so it takes weathering through Seattle every single day,” he says.

The team is also refurbishing a rare WWII B-29 bomber. He says he’s dedicated to preserving the aircraft and considers it a big deal.

And he reflects that the job could mark a turning point in his career.

“We'd love to polish out aircraft on a regular basis,” he says.