Living in the lap of luxury

(Photo: Gail Huff)

Tasty treats, fluffy bed, happy hour. Sounds like a good place to stay, right?

But we're not talking about you. We're talking about your pet. Conventions, business meetings, or vacations, mean time away from home, and more and more travelers are taking their pets with them.

One of those hotels is the Hotel Monaco in Old Town, Alexandria. The hotel accepts pets of any size or weight without extra fees. It provides complimentary pet toys as well as pet beds, water bowls and food delivered to your room.

And for social puppies who want to mingle while in town, from April to October, they can attend the hotel’s Doggie Happy Hour between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., where they can take advantage of complimentary doggie treats made by a chef. But just like happy hour for humans, any pet not behaving will be 86’d.

The hotel even provides goldfish for lonely visitors who have to leave Spot or fluffy at home.

And one of the hotel’s most famous employees is Charlie, the “director of pet relations.” He’s a Bichon Frise whose job it is to greet guests and act as an ambassador of sorts.

He’s known as the most popular staffer at the hotel.

But it’s not just dogs and cats who stay at the hotel.

“We've had some armadillos,” says Robert Hannigan, Monaco hotel manager.