LeapPad Explorer Tablet hottest toy this season

The much-sought after LeapPad Explorer Tablet. (Photo: WJLA)

With just 12 days left before Christmas, many parents are scrambling to get this years hottest toy, the LeapPad Explorer Tablet. However, the toys popularity has made it the hardest to find.

The LeapPad is like an iPad for pre-schoolers.

"I was trying to find one, but I couldn't," said parent Tre Whitfield. "Since I couldn't find the LeapPad, we got a lot of Baby Einstein stuff."

Stephanie Davis had been looking for a LeapPad for her 4-year-old since Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, she officially gave up her search.

ABC7 reporter Horace Holmes leaped from store to store, visiting Barnes & Noble to Toys 'R Us to Target to Best Buy. Everywhere he went, he found empty shelves where the LeapPad was supposed to be.

"We find parents and grandparents that are flocking in our stores looking for this very specific item and it's one of those things that has been one of the must-haves for the holiday season that is in low quantities," said Best Buy representative Ryan Seymour.

The LeapPad is selling online, but for a high price. The device retails at $99. At and, a limited supply is selling between $149-$177.

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