Kisses to cancer: one woman's fight to overcome breast cancer

Hear Candice Adams inspiring story of how she dealt with, and beat, a rare form of breast cancer. (Photo: Sgt. Russ Scalf and Candice Adams)

Dear Cancer, This is Candice. You met the wrong chick. See ya. Kisses, Candice.

One year ago, Candice Adams got the news she had a rare form of breast cancer.

"I never understood the phrase, “the world stopped” but that’s the only way you can describe it," Adams said. "Everything freezes and goes very slowly and you become numb to what’s going on."

Adams was 29-years-old, a captain in the Air Force and busy planning her wedding with her fiance.

"I was completely healthy, worked out, ate organic," she said. "Never in a million years would I have thought something like this would be possible."

Two days after her diagnosis, she wrote her first letter to cancer.

"I would always sign off my letters, 'Kisses, Candice’ or ‘Hugs, Candice’ I guess as a snarky way of saying, 'Take that. You’re not going to get me down today.'"

The letters became a great coping tool to "talk to the thing that was trying to kill me," she said.

As Adams progressed through her chemotherapy and double mastectomy, she decided to document her journey with the help of a photographer friend.

She created the video site{ } in the hopes it would inspire other young women to go to the doctor or do self-exams. She also posts articles on her blog.