Kids help Michelle Obama harvest garden

(AP, ABC7) - It was pizza in the White House garden for Michelle Obama and some elementary school kids Wednesday.

The first lady invited in children from Tubman and Bancroft Elementary schools to help with the fall harvest from the South Lawn garden.

A garden pizza was assembled on the spot: flat bread hot off the grill, topped with fresh tomato sauce, eggplant, sweet potatoes and cheese.

A group of fourth and fifth graders handpicked vegetables and snacked on the pizza.

Tubman fifth-grader Jessica worked up the nerve to ask the First Lady a question. "I asked her if she wanted to sit with us,” she said.

Her classmate Sterling helped pick the veggies for the pizza alongside Obama. He said he’d give the First Lady and 8 out of 10 score “because she didn't talk while she was picking vegetables.”

Who will get to eat the rest of the veggies? The first family, guests at next week's state dinner and other official events, and people at a local soup kitchen.

But not Bo. The first lady says the family dog doesn't go for veggies.

Twitter fans chronicled it all as part of a White House tweetup.