Ken Rossignol takes to the web to expose DWI drivers

Chamica Adams was sentenced in May 2011 to three years and four months in prison in a DUI crash that killed one person.

He used to run the names and photos of people accused of driving while impaired in his small newspaper. Now that Ken Rossignol has sold the paper, he launched a website to expose people arrested for DWIs.

On the site,, Rossignol posts names and mug shots of those arrested.

"They don't care. They have no respect for human life,” Rossignol said.

The self admitted smart alek said he had "probably 20,000 names and probably pushing a thousand pictures. I don't know. I haven't thought about it that hard."

He exposes identities and ridicules reckless behavior. Rossignol boasts that the small-town paper he sold in January published about 65,000 names of people arrested for DWIs.

In 2007, it offered a free coffin to “the first drunk driver to kill himself during the Christmas season” which he claims on the site “resulted in zero fatalities in the three counties of Southern Maryland due to alcohol as of Christmas Eve.”

"All you have to do is call a cab. Twenty-five bucks and you can get a cab most anywhere,” Rossignol said.

Well over a 1,000 people have died in dui crashes on area roads in the last five years alone, including Luke Weichbrod’s older brother Rory. Rory and with friend Adam Hosinski were killed while crossing Rockville Pike by a speeding car.

“I can't imagine a more traumatic way of dying than the way my son died,” the victim’s father Rob Weichbrod said.

The driver, Alex Roman, is now serving 12 years in prison. Rory's grieving family has bookmarked the DWI hit parade website.

“Hopefully this will make a mark and expand people's knowledge about how horrific this type of crime is,” Weichbrod said.

“This personalizes what is a horrible national tragedy,” Rossignol said.

The motivation for Rossignol's clearinghouse of missteps goes beyond his desire for a fresh headline.

His little brother Jack was killed by a drunk driver in 1975.