Katie Couric talks with Alison Starling about her new show on ABC7

One week from Monday will be the beginning of a new chapter for a local journalist who during her 30 years in television news became a household name: "Katie."

Katie Couric's new talk show premieres here on ABC7 September 10 and Alison Starling talked to her about her local ties, and what we can expect from the show she says takes her back to her roots.

Katie stopped by the WJLA studios to help build excitement for her new show "Katie." She says this is a huge challenge for her, and she doesn't want to disappoint the viewers, her staff, or herself.

"I feel very nervous, and very excited at the same time," she says. "I definitely have butterflies when I think about it. That's why I don't think about day one too much because I don't want to throw up on television here with you!"

That honesty and authenticity is why many say Katie is just like she was before the fame, an Arlington girl who draws strength from her upbringing and her family.

"I'll definitely be visiting a lot," she says. "My dad passed away last summer and so my mom's alone and living in Arlington. And we talked about doing a whole show on how to care for your aging parents."

Katie just released her star studded guest list, many of them women who have undergone public transformations such as herself, including Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, and Barbara Streisand. But also ordinary people who have been through extraordinary challenges.

For the first time ever, the mother and sister of UVA lacrosse player Yeardley Love will speak publicly to Katie.

"And that story, Alison, affected me deeply as a UVA graduate," Katie says. "When that happened, I was just so heartbroken for that beautiful young girl."

Katie says she'll be using the skills she's a acquired in her 33 years in TV news and bringing it all home to ABC7.

"I think you and Leon are great," Katie says. "And I love watching you when I'm home."

Katie also promises lots of surprises on her show. And she'll be using social media a lot. She's always on Facebook and Twitter.

Watch Katie starting September 10 at 4 p.m. on ABC7.