Justin Bieber concert, Lily Berkow's dream come true

A Maryland teen is probably the best big brother a kid could hope for. Knowing that his 12-year-old sister is a huge fan of Justin Bieber, Zachary Berkow decided to take action.

Lily Berkow has Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn’t stop her from riding a bike, having fun with her brother, and rocking out to the “Biebs”. So when her parents got her tickets to Monday’s Justin Bieber concert, Zachary made a YouTube video showing just how much Justin’s song “Believe” means to his little sister.

"I want to see if she can meet Justin Bieber,” said Zachary. “There's probably trillions of little girls who also want to meet him, but Lily is just so special in her own way."

ABC7 saw Zachary’s video and reached out to Bieber’s people. Come Monday night, Lily will meet her idol face-to-face, a dream come true for a very special girl.

“I think it's pretty cool as an inspiration to other people,” said Zachary. “No matter what's wrong with you, no matter what your disabilities are, no matter where you are in your life you can still do what you want.”

Lily Berkow shows the true meaning of Believe by Justin Bieber