Judgment Day is coming, some are convinced

Gary Vollmer has taken two months off from work to drive home the message: time is running out.

“Cry out to the lord, cry out, just pray, pray, get on your hands and knees and beseech him in this little bit of time. We've got like two days left,” he said.
Two days until judgment day, the rapture--

Harold Camping, a 89-year-old California minister whose family radio and TV network has been sounding warnings all over the world, said the bible has the authority on this issue.

Camping says it'll start with a monster earthquake in New Zealand at 6 p.m. Saturday. The impending specter of doom has sparked offers from skeptics, for example to care of pets left behind, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Clergy are skeptical, too. Scripture Cathedral pastor Bishop Clarence Long says the bible clearly states no one knows the exact time when judgment day will arrive.

“The bible says he's coming like a thief in the night… I don't think a thief let you know when they coming,” Long said.

“I will say this: if it doesn't come on Saturday, I would like to see all of them in church on Sunday morning at 11 o'clock!” Long added.

Even Gary Vollmer now doubts Saturday will bring physical destruction. But he's convinced it's still a 6 p.m. deadline for spiritual salvation.