Judge G. Todd Baugh seeks to reverse 30-day rape sentence, likely can't

Cherice Moralez, 14, committed suicide before her case went to trial. Photo: CNN/KULR

A new hearing is scheduled Friday in a highly controversial rape case in Montana that has residents outraged that a teenager's rapist got such a perceived lenient sentence.

U.S. District Judge G. Todd Baugh has set a new hearing for Stacy Rambold, a teacher who was sentenced to 30 days in jail last week for raping Cherice Moralez, his 14-year-old student.

During his original sentencing, Judge Baugh said that the 30-day sentence was appropriate because the victim "seemed older than her chronological age."

Moralez committed suicide before Rambold's case went to trial. Judge Baugh rejected repeated requests from CNN for an interview.

At Friday's hearing, the judge indicated that wanted to sentence Rambold to 2 years in prison instead of his earlier, much shorter sentence. However, that will likely not be allowed.

Prosecutors, Montana's Attorney General and even defense attorneys have filed motions indicating that Baugh's change-of-heart is simply too late.