Jennifer Aniston tours Inova breast cancer center

ALEXANDRIA, VA (AP) - Lending her support to Breast Cancer Awareness month, actress Jennifer Aniston listened to breast cancer survivors share stories of early diagnosis and treatment while touring a new cancer center in Alexandria, Va.

Aniston joined the wife of the vice president, Jill Biden, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to visit the Inova Breast Care Center. The facility will open next week and concentrates many of the medical resources breast cancer patients need during their treatment.

“You're not going to be running around from one place to another, especially in a hospital that will be nice,” said breast cancer patient Penelope Wallace. Wallace and others shared their stories with the visitors in a roundtable discussion.

Aniston is hosting a screening Monday evening of the Lifetime movie "Five," an anthology of five short films about the impact of breast cancer. The "Friends" star directed one of the short films.

Jill Biden has been involved in breast cancer awareness for nearly 20 years. She started a program in Delaware to educate high school girls about early detection.

Wallace, whose prognosis is good, said the Inova center is something to celebrate on its own, but a little star power doesn't hurt.

“She does look like she does on TV,” she said about Aniston, “and it's nice that she is trying to promote breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis.”