Jayna Murray's family speaks after Norwood found guilty

The jury took only one hour to find Brittany Norwood guilty of first-degree murder in the slaying of Jayna Murray. (Family photo)

Speaking candidly on the night their daughter's killer, Brittany Norwood, was convicted of first degree murder, Jayna Murray's family says that the new normal "will come in time."

After the verdict was read on Wednesday night, after just one hour of deliberations, the Murray family talked candidly about the moment they heard Brittany Norwood had been convicted.

"Hearing that we got a first-degree murder verdict was very pleasing,” said Hugh Murray, Murray’s brother.

Their relief sits beside a sorrow that Jayna’s father David calls the new normal.

"The new normal will come in time. I think to an individual family member we are all looking for that new normal,” he said.

Through tears, Jayna Murray's mother said she and her family are grateful for the verdict. In less than an hour, the jury found Norwood guilty of the March 11 murder inside the Bethesda store.

“I know the trauma our family has been through I want no other family to go through this,” Phyllis Murray said.

The Murray family traveled to Maryland from Texas and North Carolina to support each other through a trial filled with gut-wrenching testimony and graphic evidence.

"I felt the brutality was indescribable,” said mother Phyllis Murray.

"The last seven months has been very stressful. The last two weeks has just brought the focus in tighter," David Murray said, describing feeling numb but grateful to the jury.

The Murray's say faith, their belief in each other, and the memory of a beloved life guided them through this trial and will sustain them.

"My sister was fighting for what was right and that helped us through this trial,” Hugh Murray said.

Murray's father David also pointed to the family’s faith as a source of strength.

“We want the world to know how strong of an individual she was. She was a beautiful person she had already contributed 30 years of beauty to the world,” he said.

The Murrays in Bethesda on Thursday. They say they’re ready to begin their new life. (Photo: Brad Bell)