Incidents of drunk people injured at Metro stations increasing

This man fell from the top of an escalator at Clarendon station. Photo: WMATA

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The man who drunkenly tumbled over a parapet at the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station over the weekend isn't the only one to take a spill at a rail station in recent weeks.

In fact, it's far from rare.

Over the past two months, Metro officials say that at least six of these types of incidents have occurred - many of them caught on camera - with several people being sent to the hospital for treatment.

And, with New Year's Eve festivities on the horizon, it serves as a good reminder to know when to say when while you're our partying, lest you end up tryin gto ride an escalator handrail or falling from a platform.

"Particularly, this time of year is about riding responsibly," Metro spokesman Philip Stewart said. "In each of these incidents, we've had people fall over walls, fall off escalators or even fall onto the tracks because they're highly intoxicated."

The incidents are fairly frightening to look at. In one instance, a man falls off an escalator onto a platform at McPherson Square.

In another, a woman walks to the edge of a platform before falling into the path of an oncoming train. Luckily, other riders rushed to get her off the tracks.

And in the most recent incident, a man tries to balance on a parapet before falling over the edge and knocking himself out.