When did Sandusky's alleged abuse start?

Much of the focus on retired Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky has been based on the allegation that he sexually assaulted a boy on-campus in 2002.

But according to the grand jury report, another alleged victim, referred to as "victim 6,” recalls being taken into the locker room by Sandusky when he was 11 in 1998.

When questioned by a university police detective, Sandusky "…admitted showering naked with Victim 6, admitted to hugging Victim 6 while in the shower and admitted that it was wrong."

But then-District Attorney Ray Gricar didn't file criminal charges. Oddly enough, in 2005, Ray Gricar vanished. Police found his car in a parking lot and the hard-drive to his laptop in a river. His body has never been located.

According to the grand jury report "in 2000, a janitor... observed Sandusky in the showers with a young boy" engaged in a sex act. The janitor, a veteran of the Korean War, was so distraught by what he had seen that his colleagues feared he would have a heart attack, the report says.

The incident was reported to a supervisor who did not call police.

"This stinks to the high heavens and there's so much more for us to know about and there are many people to be held accountable,” says Mark Serrano, an advocate for sex-abuse prevention.

Now, Texas authorities are investigating whether Sandusky victimized another child, known as victim 4, while Sandusky brought the boy with him to a 1999 Penn State bowl game.

The grand jury report reads: "Sandusky did threaten to send him home from the Alamo Bowl in Texas when Victim 4 resisted his advances."