Mikisha Funderburk charged after allegedly abducting children from hospital

Mikisha Funderburk allegedly took her two children from Children's National Medical Center. Photo: MPD

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WJLA) -- In the midst of an investigation into possible child abuse, 27-year-old Mikisha Funderburk is accused of stealing her two sons from Children’s National Medical Center.

Sources say the two boys – ages 5 and 10 – were in the custody of a social worker from the city’s Children Family Services Agency (CFSA) when they were kidnapped.

“Me and my daughter pulled up to bring my grandson to the emergency room and there’s a bunch of police officers,” described Anjenette Goode.

Sources also say that a social worker brought the boys to the hospital for evaluation after one of them was found with bruising on his body. A CFSA spokesperson said the boy were not with their mother when picked up, so it was unclear how Funderburk knew where they were.

She also explained that the social worker had just walked into the hospital with the boys and was checking in at the welcome desk when the mother walked in, snatched her youngest son, and dashed away with both boys to a car just outside the door -- then they quickly drove off. When the social worker turned around, the youngsters were gone.

“It’s crazy to have so many special police working in the hospital and for them to take kids like that,” said Goode.

And when it comes to the child abuse allegations, Funderburk's uncle, Kenneth White, insisted that his niece would never hurt her children.

"She loved her kids," he said. "She keep them well-dressed, well-fed. She might holler at them -- but trying to bruise them? Oh no, she loved those boys."

CFSA says that their social worker chased after the mother, as did security guards, but the three were already gone. A look into court records in Prince George’s County and the District show that Funderburk has a lengthy arrest record – including prostitution, disorderly conduct, assault charges, and drug possession.

The incident is leading some to wonder how something like this could possibly happen:

"Even if they're just children admitted to the hospital, you need to have supervision on that and make sure they're being watched at all times," said DC resident, Ben Hodapp.

For hours, law enforcement scoured the DC metro area, and just after 10 p.m. on Thursday night, a DC police and FBI task force located the mother and her sons at an apartment building in the heart of downtown Rockville.

The boys were taken back into protective custody, and Funderburk was released pending the outcome of the kidnapping investigation against her.