Hidden knives found in passenger's luggage at Reagan

These knives were found inside a passenger's luggage at Reagan. (Photo: TSA)

A passenger flying to Chicago from Reagan-Washington National Airport voluntarily surrendered two throwing daggers hidden within a hollowed-out book about ninjas, reports the TSA.

Both throwing daggers measured just over six inches long and were concealed in a hard cover book called "Ninja: The Shadow Warrior." Ironically, on the next page reads "concealability encapsulates the ninja philosophy."

The knives were discovered by TSA workers.

Federal officials say the passenger had no intention of harming anyone and was therefore not arrested and allowed to continue on to Chicago.

However, the man could be fined up to $1,500 for bringing a prohibited item into a security checkpoint, according to the TSA.

Some passengers thought officials were too lenient.

"Seven-inch daggers, come on," said Virginia resident William Clarke. "They won't even let you on with fingernail files."

Others were just glad the man was stopped.

"I don't know what to make of it," said Maryland resident John Morrison. "I'm just glad they caught him."

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