Harry Potter fans wait anxiously for announcement

Any self-respecting Harry Potter fan will tell you that when the owls begin to gather, that means news is on the way.

That’s just what’s happening at the new website “Pottermore,” where owls have gathered for a big announcement that’s coming tomorrow from Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling herself.

“For her to come out and say something's happening is a really big deal she doesn't do that for small stuff,” said Leah Gates, a Harry Potter devotee.

No one knows exactly what she’ll say, but eager fans are all aflutter. Go to WJLA's facebook page to join the discussion.

Mia Young, 9, knows it won’t be an eighth book because the main characters have outgrown their school of wizardry.

“Hogwarts only goes to year seven because they're 17 at year seven, so they have to go to college,” she said.

Theories for what will be revealed include a Harry Potter encyclopedia, e-book versions of the novels or an Internet-based game, the Associated Press reported.

Several British newspapers received what appeared to be a leaked marketing memo indicating the site is a Web-based game including a hunt for real magic wands. But Rowling spokeswoman Rebecca Salt said the memo, dated December 2010, was "an out of date document that got sent out by mistake" and that true details of the project would be revealed Thursday.

"Pottermore" was trademarked in 2009 by Warner Bros., which distributes the Potter movies, but Salt said the site was not directly linked to the latest film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2," which has its world premiere in London on July 7.

Rowling has not ruled out writing more books set in the Potter universe, but Salt has said that "Pottermore" is not a new book.

For now, the site, which Warner Brothers licensed two years ago, isn’t revealing anything other than a countdown to Rowling’s announcement, which will come at 7 a.m. eastern Thursday morning.

One die-hard fan, who has been a Harry Potter devotee since she was a little girl, has a theory on what’s coming up.

“We're gonna get a lot of notes and memorabilia and sort of almost like an interactive encyclopedia of stories and bits and pieces from the Harry Potter world,” said Taekia Blackwell.

The license application for the Pottermore website might give some indication of what’s to come. It describes the site as a “global computer information network, with online chat rooms and electronic bulletin boards.”

The mystery will be solved tomorrow.

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