Harris' Heroes: Higher Achievement helps kids reach their goals

Helping students create bright futures - that's the goal of the District's Higher Achievement program.

The program helps under-served children through after-school tutoring and summer enrichment. Higher achievement Serves 500 students who complete nearly 700 hours of academics.

Some students start out with "c" averages and eventually earn "a's and b's."

One alumni, Charles, says it gave him the tools he needed to attend Gonzaga College High School and go on to Morehouse College.

“It gave me better insight into exactly a path that I wanted to do,” he says.

Executive Director Lynsey Jefferies says hardworking, young people like Charles inspired her to change careers to help more students.

“These kinds of successes make D.C. a stronger a community,” she says. “Because kids come back and invest in their communities. And they make it better.”