Harris' Heroes: Alexandra Shofe

Alexandra Shofe

Alexandra Shofe is the true titan of dominion high school. While the award would look good on any college application -- it's what she did to earn it that makes this 17-year-old stand out.

“We have over a 100 kits that are going toward the Mercy hospital in Sierra Leone,” she said. “We also decided to raise school supplies for a school in Afghanistan.”

She and other members of the school group "Global Ambassadors" raised money and volunteered time to provide supplies for students in Afghanistan and new mothers in Sierra Leone.

But Alexandra's biggest accomplishment this year -- in addition, to graduating high school -- was to lead efforts to raise $10,000 to build a playground at the Aahasra Deepika Foundation in Bangalore, India -- and make these children smile.

“It was brought up that their playground was really old and one of their dreams was that they one day they'd have a nice new playground for the kids to play on,” she said.

Alexandra says she was inspired to serve the global community after a trip to India her junior year.

“I felt like I had the obligation and duty to do something and that I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I hadn't done something,” she said.

Now, she's hoping to return to get an in-person look at the playground she's helped build for the children.