Guinness World Book of Records: Arlington woman has world's largest breasts

Annie Hawkins-Turner

She's spent a life time getting noticed for her unique physical appearance.

Now an Arlington woman is using her unusual features to land on a TLC cable show on Sunday.

For Annie Hawkins-Turner, every day is a blessing.

"I've been through some really really dark days, and god really came through for me," she says. "I really, truly believe my husband was my angel."

Two decades ago, Hawkins-Turner met her late husband in Arlington.

"He embraced me, taught me how to love myself," she says.

Finding self-esteem has been tough. Hawkins-Turner developed large breasts early, younger than 12 years old.

"It wasn't easy and it wasn't fun because I was just a little kid."

Her early development continued into adulthood. She holds a Guinness World record for the world's largest natural breasts. It's turned trying times into international fame.

"I've held the title now for 13 years. I've been all over representing Guinness World Book of Records on television shows, morning shows."

She makes a living as an Internet adult film performer, and created her own company to produce her videos. Sunday she will appear on TLC to share her story.

"I was born like this, and just because I don't meet the standards of society, who are they to make me want to change myself?"

Her size has created problems. Finding an adequate bra isn't easy. Her calloused shoulders show it.

"I got a permanent dent right there. Life has been different. But I've just learned to embrace it. I like living."

Despite setbacks, she says a love for god, her late husband and her own positive self esteem keep her going.