GOP candidates look ahead to New Hampshire

The New Hampshire primary is just six days away and the GOP candidates are already looking ahead.

On Wednesday, Rick Santorum landed in New Hampshire.

"I am a workaholic," Santorum said. "Sleep is overrated."

Santorum lost the Iowa caucus by a mere eight votes to Mitt Romney who meanwhile picked up a key endorsement from former arch rival John McCain.

Romney is a strong favorite to win Tuesday's primary.

Santorum is hoping to ride his surge, but the religious conservatives who boosted him in Iowa are not so plentiful in New Hampshire.

"For giving me his daily grace and loving me, warts and all, I offer a public thanks to God," Santorum said.

Joining Santorum and still jockeying for the anti-Romney vote is Ron Paul who finished a strong third in Iowa.

Newt Gingrich finished fourth an promises to sharpen his rhetoric is also staying in as is Rick Perry who finished fifth and Jon Huntsman, who skipped Iowa altogether.

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