Glorias' Battle, Obama's Ear, & Quite a Comeback!

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Herman Cain thought Monday would be a great day for damage control. He allowed Fox News to interview his wife, Gloria for her first ever TV interview. The idea: show the spousal support that might help calm any concerns that Mr. Cain might be lacking in morals & ethics. Preview:

But then, another Gloria stole the spotlight. Attorney Gloria Allred held a news conference from Shreveport, La., where she introduced a man named Dr. Victor Zuckerman. Dr. Zuckerman is important because he’s the former boyfriend of accuser Sharon Bialek. He claims Ms. Bialek told him more than ten years ago of the alleged sexual harassment and that the three of them spent time together - refuting Cain’s story that he doesn’t “even know this woman”.

So who do you believe? That’s up to you. But support is eroding. A new poll from our partners at POLITICO/George Washington University shows Mr. Cain’s numbers sinking significantly. In just one week’s time, they’ve dropped from 44 percent, to 26, to 19. As one voter told me today, “I think if it was one or two women it would have been easier to bounce back from but the fact that it's four now makes it very difficult.”

Poll numbers and a great write up by colleague James Hohmann:



There is certainly no shortage in the countless and creative ways member of the Occupy ___ (insert your own city here) have gotten their message out.

From marches to miniature tent towns to more masks (Guy Fawkes, of course) than a costume ball in Venice. But Matthew Swalinkavich, who calls himself Makana may have taken matters to a new level. How? He sang his message directly into the president’s air space, so to speak.

At the APEC dinner in Hawaii over the weekend, Makana - who’s played for the White House before - was providing musical entertainment while Mr. Obama & countless other big-wigs dined in a fancy tent. That’s when he unbuttoned his collared shirt to unveil a t-shirt underneath with the writing “Occupy with Aloha” and proceeded to play his original “Occupy” song over, and over and over. 45 minutes worth, he says.

The musical move though, not as impacting as he hoped. He admits, and video shows very few in attendance, including Mr. Obama, seemed to notice.

Nevertheless, Makana shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for the next invitation to serenade the President.


Do you remember that winter day in Tucson when news broke of a shooting outside a grocery store? During the horrendous attack at the hands of Jared Loughner, which killed 6 and wounded 13 people, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was not only shot in the head but at one point, reported to have died. Now, 10 months later she’s talking on TV for the first time. Our partners at ABC landed the interview…a sit down with Diane Sawyer. While it doesn’t air until 10 tonight (tune in to WJLA-ABC7), here is a sample of what we’ll see.