Glenn Harris returns to TV

Local television legend Glenn Harris has taken hundreds of phone calls from a virtual who's who of the sports world.

Harris suffered a major medical crisis and has been off the air on Newschannel8, WJLA’s sister station, for weeks now. On Thursday night, he’s returning to TV.

Ten weeks ago, the fan favorite was on his way to accept yet another award when he suffered a stroke.

"The guy said ‘Mr. Harris you had a stroke,’” Harris remembers. “I said what! He said ‘not one stroke, you had two strokes.’”

Harris’ sportscasting career began in 1967 and he has been on the air for 44 years. When he goes to the grocery store, it takes him 15 minutes to get to the door because everybody stops him.

He has been recovering at home for weeks, preparing for his comeback.

"I was sitting down out there and these colors were shooting out of my eyes,” he says of the day that could’ve been his last. “I mean brilliant, beautiful colors. I am saying ‘what in the world is this?’ and then I had an unbelievable headache.”

The 64-year-old says he never drinks, smokes, or touches drugs. Doctors say they’re amazed he could still talk suffering two strokes. They told him his kidneys were working at only a third of their usual rate.

A few days later, Harris went blind. "I can sit close to you like I am now, couldn't see your face,” Harris said. "It is the most humbling experience you could ever have in your life."

Harris was in the dark for three of the longest weeks of his life. While his vision improved each day, he couldn’t fully see.

With the help of new glasses, he's now 20/20. "My mother's been dead since 1983. My mother would have been so glad to hear me. ‘I can see, ma.’" he said.

Harris had diabetes and high blood pressure before the strokes, but said he didn’t take medicine prescribed to him “because I was feeling so good.”

Harris has always worked out like the pros he interviews. Doctors told him it's what saved his life.

"I've done a lot of things but I ain't finished yet. I am not really to roll outta here,” he said.