Georgetown business leaders ponder car-free Wisconsin Avenue

Some local businesses are thinking about an idea to shut down Wisconsin Avenue to vehicle traffic for one day a month.

Local business leaders are considering the idea of closing down a significant stretch of Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown for one Sunday each month to increase foot traffic.

"It'd be great, it be novel, you don't see it that often except maybe for a special event, so I think it would be something fun to do once a month,” one person said.

The issue is obviously the traffic. Closing down the busy street from the waterfront up to the 1500 block would mean roping off a Georgetown thoroughfare.

The move “would obviously make M Street a lot more busy and a lot more chaotic,” James Bracco of the Georgetown Business Improvement District said. Bracco says it would mean rerouting several buses.

Even a road closed to cars would have to maintain a 20-foot area for emergency vehicles to access. Residents interviewed by ABC7 on Thursday seemed keen on keeping it car free, at least for a day.

However, diverted traffic would filter into the neighborhoods of Georgetown, possibly upsetting residents. Bracco says the business leaders will work with the city to see if the idea is feasible.