George Tanner charged with kicking roommate to death

George Tanner is accused of kicking his roommate to death. (Photo: Charles County Police)

A 42-year old Charles County man is charged with second degree murder after authorities say he kicked his 49-year old roommate to death in a fight early Saturday morning.

George Tanner of Marbury Run Road in Marbury is in jail in Charles County on a $5 million bond.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office says both he and roommate Luther “Rusty” Huffman Jr. had been drinking when they got into a fight.

Tanner allegedly pushed Huffman to the ground and kicked him repeatedly – then went to bed.

Authorities say he woke up the next morning and realized Huffman was dead. He then called the sheriff’s office and told them what had happened.

Acquaintances say Tanner is a blackbelt in karate and it’s not likely Huffman was able to put up much of a fight. They also say both men were well known around Marbury and were thought to be good friends.

"I don't know what kind of friend would do something like that to another friend," said Huffman’s son Ryan.

Ryan says his father wasn’t a perfect man, but he had a heart of gold. Others agreed.

"You asked him to do something, he'd do it for you,” said Karen Carpenter, an employee of Gray Brothers store, which is just down the block from where the men lived. “He'd just about give you the shirt off his back."

Huffman’s family says they’re livid over what Tanner is accused of doing.

"If we were to see him, we wouldn't even know what to do, because we're that angry with him,” said Huffman’s niece Kaitlyn. “Because we thought he was his friend."

Huffman’s family says they are struggling to find the money to pay for the funeral, which is scheduled for Thursday.

Gray Brothers has been taking donations to try to help them out.

A woman answering the door at the address of Tanner’s parents in Marbury refused to speak with ABC7.