Gary Giordano to be released, return to Gaithersburg

Giordano has been in an Aruban jail since early August.

Gary Giordano has been in an Aruban jail for more than 100 days and could be back in the D.C. area as soon as Wednesday.

An Aruban judge on Friday threw out a request from the prosecution to keep Giordano detained without charges for another 30 days.

Gary Giordano is a suspect in the disappearance of Robyn Gardner, his travel companion in Aruba. The woman’s body hasn't been found.

Friends of the 36-year-old Gardner work and live in downtown Frederick. Tom Snyder tends bar at Brewer's Alley and previously went on a group trip to Cancun with Garnder.

"She trusted people and this time she trusted the wrong person,” he said.

Gardner and Giordano, who met on a swinger website, traveled to Aruba in August. Days before the trip, police say Giordano took out a $1.5 million life insurance policy with himself as the beneficiary. He says Gardner went missing while the two were snorkeling.

A judge ruled Aruban police never found a body, a weapon, or a solid motive. Prosecutors tried to keep him behind bars, saying they needed more time to analyze data on his computers, Blackberry and iPad.

Giordano could be back in his Gaithersburg home as soon as Wednesday.

"It does concern me because she is from here,” said Frederick resident Beth Webb.

“Especially women I think our hearts go out,” said Sandy Wagerman. “We're hoping they would've found enough evidence to keep him longer and convict him."

"He knows something that he is not telling anybody,” thinks Gardner’s friend Snyder. “I just wish there was a closure."

Two of Giordano's neighbors, both women, attempted to get protective orders against him ahead of his possible arrival home. They claimed he left trash and dead animals on their front lawn. A judge denied the petition because it was filed too late.

"Oh, I would understand why they'd be concerned. But I would think he would be on his guard after this," said Tom Kalbacher, a neighbor. Other neighbors said they are withholding judgment against Giordano.

"They haven't found a body yet so I can't say he's guilty or not guilty,” said Billy Reed.