Frederick Scott, murder suspect, mistakenly released from custody

Police are seeking Frederick Lawrence Scott, of Hyattsville, Md. (Photo: Prince George's County Police)

(AP, WJLA) - A suspect in an Edmonston slaying mistakenly granted bail was back in custody on Tuesday.

Twenty-four-year-old Frederick Scott, of Hyattsville, Md., has been charged with murder in the March shooting death of 30-year-old Phillip Watson of Washington at a now shut down nightclub on Kenilworth Avenue.

He was taken back into custody after appearing for a bond review hearing Tuesday morning, police said in a news release. He has been remanded to the Department of Corrections on a $500,000 bond.

Scott was initially arrested in May in Las Vegas and was extradited to Maryland, where he was held without bond, as is the norm in first-degree murder cases.

Police say a clerical error led to Scott being granted bond and released earlier this month. But a spokesperson for the Department of Corrections tells ABC7 they have the paperwork showing Scott had a bond of $75,000 that he posted it, and was released.

Prosecutors realized the mistake and a judge issued a warrant for Scott’s arrest eight days later. The court issued a bench warrant for Scott on Friday after the mistake was noticed.

Sources say that after an initial indictment, Scott was re-indicted, not unusual as prosecutors fine-tune charges. It was during this re-indictment that the no-bond status from the first case wasn't carried over. Usually, prosecutors make such a request and a judge orders it.