Frederick community tries to help children of slain Anis Mawi

A Frederick community is working to help the five children whose mother, a widowed single parent, was killed in a car accident.

Anis Mawi was killed Saturday while on her way to work in a multi-car accident outside Frederick.

Mawi had five teen-aged children and often worked six days a week as a fruit packer. Her husband died in her home country of Myanmar before she emigrated to the U.S. She came here three years ago this month.

Mawi supported and prayed for her children every night, her four daughters and one son said.

“It's devastating. It's heartbreaking. I just feel for the family and I want to help them as much as we can,” said Nancy Paugh, a friend.

The family gathered for a farewell to Mawi Wednesday. Mawi's pastor describes her as a deeply spiritual and caring woman.

“If somebody speaks evil of someone she would say, ‘wait, let us just pray for that person, let’s help him or her with our prayer,’” the Rev. San Thuan of Falam Baptist Church said.

Mawi worked at a Laurel farm, picking and packing fruit. She and a coworker were rear-ended and killed on their way to work.

Friends now worry what will happen to the children, the youngest one of which is 13 years old.

“I'm sure they will need help. How can they survive themselves? No one works full time in their family,” said family friend Onekoko Chaw.

Friend Kelly Kinney described the situation as “pretty awful.”

“I feel really bad for their family. My mom and I are trying to help out in any way we possibly can,” she said.

The five siblings hope to stay together.

To donate to the family, make checks out to the Falam Baptist Church, Maryland. 216 Carroll Parkway, Frederick, MD. 21701