Frederick Butler leads movement to boot Gray, Council Members

Mayor Vincent Gray and Council Member Mary Cheh.

A local political activist is leading a charge to kick the mayor and some Council Members out of office.

Frederick Butler, 28, said he plans to launch a recall of Mayor Vincent Gray for ethical and other reasons.

In addition, he is seeking recall petitions against council Chairman Kwame Brown and members Harry Thomas, Mary Cheh and Jim Graham.

Federal authorities are investigating former Gray administration staffer Sulaimon Brown's allegations that members of Gray's campaign staff paid him thousands of dollars to stay in the race and promised him a job in the Gray administration if he won.

Gray has denied wrongdoing and has said he knows nothing about cash and money orders given to Brown.

In Ward 3, which went for Fenty, a number of people said they would sign a recall.

In Ward 7, Gray's backyard, some residents said they wouldn't sign it and also asked about Butler.

"Who is he," said Mary Jackson, District resident.

It won't be an easy task. Butler will need 45,000 signatures to get it on the ballot.

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