Fort Belvoir hosts annual holiday tradition for military families

While many consider the holiday season the best time of the year, it can be difficult for military families with loved ones serving overseas.

On Tuesday, the Fort Belvoir Officers' Spouses' club hosted an annual holiday tour of military homes giving people a chance to peek at decorations and traditions passed down through generations.

"It just gives an opportunity to come together as military families," said Kris Needham, a member of the Belvoir Officers' Spouses' Club.

Rozlyn Giddens' three children are waiting for their father's return from Afghanistan in January.

"It means so much to be able to come to a place" where people know what you're going through, Giddens said. "Often times you meet so many wives and family members whose loved ones are deployed as well."

First Lady of Virginia, Maureen McDonnell, was there to speak and share her experience as well. McDonnell's daughter Jeanine completed a tour of duty in Iraq.

"So many families are missing their children or their spouses and they need to join together as a family so we can offer them that support locally or wherever they're living," McDonnell said.

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