Flu season in full swing in many stations nationwide

Photo: CNN

(CNN) - Flu season is now officially in full swing, health officials say, as the infection has now popped up in several states across the country, and in Virginia, health officials say that the infection is "widespread."

Although it is just beginning, the Centers for Disease Control is already reporting widespread infection rates in several states, including Alabama, Louisiana and New York.

While the disease is considered widespread already in Virginia, the flu is considered "sporadic" in the District of Columbia and "local" in Maryland.

However, perhaps the hardest hit state thus far is Texas, which has reported at least five deaths from the H1N1 strain. That's the type of infection more commonly known as swine flu.

H1N1 first made headlines in 2009, causing a pandemic that the CDC says infected 52 million people and may have killed hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Health officials say that the majority of hospitalizations for the flu occur in people 65 and older. However, they do warn that the swine flu virus causes more infections in younger adults.

Don't sweat it if you haven't gotten a flu shot yet, though - there's still time.

"Every formulation of vaccine that you can get this year will protect against H1N1, and it will also protect against other influenza viruses that we think are circulating," CDC medical officer Dr. Michael Jhung said.

To keep tabs on the spread of the flu where you live, you can check the CDC's seasonal influenza map.