Fight on Metro's Green Line caught on camera

A screengrab from the video shows a group of people fighting aboard a Green Line train moving through Southeast D.C. (Photo: YouTube)

The latest brawl on Metro caught on cell phone video is one of at least three massive fights on the transit agency in the past week.

The person who shot the video says this attack happened on the Green Line.

"I wouldn't want my kids in something like this,” said Metro rider Moses Jackson.

In seconds, the fight escalates, as seen in the clip posted to YouTube. As a group runs down the center of the car, several people jump over seats and begin beating two other people accused in the video of stealing.

There's a lot of pushing and shoving, bodies are pressed up against the doors, which at one point are kicked and pried open.

Mobs of teens started two similar scuffles on trains on Halloween night.

Commuters like Tonisha Reskine, who has found herself in a situation like this, wonders if it's time to add security cameras and personnel directly on the trains.

"It puts not only those who are fighting... In harms way,” Reskine said.

Other than strategically positioning officers at stations, Metro says there is only so much transit police can do. "When these things happen we respond very quickly, multiple officers are dispatched. But we can't have an officer on every train, that's not possible,” Metro said in a statement.

Metro transit police chief Michael Taborn has suggested disciplinary action at schools, for example not allowing offenders to take part in extracurricular activities.

"I hope parents are doing their due diligence,” said rider Andrew O'Connor.