Douglas Diggs killed in hit-and-run on 495, driver unknown

The call came in to state police after 3 a.m.: A pedestrian down. In the middle of the Beltway. He'd been hit and whoever did it didn't bother to stop. A fatal hit and run. The kind of thing that makes people shake their heads in disbelief.

“You have no respect for human life by you just walking away from what you've done,” says Miguel Hersey.

The man left to die in the roadway has been identified at 53-year-old Douglas Diggs of Capitol Height. State police investigators believe he was walking northbound the in the travel lanes of the Beltway just north of 202 in Largo. They have no idea why.

It’s clearly no place to take a walk, especially at 3 a.m. But police say it’s no excuse for hitting someone and then just driving away.

There is no description of the striking vehicle or the driver. police say simply that after hitting Diggs the driver continued northbound. Destination unknown.

“If you hit somebody hit anything you know you hit it so at least stop,” says Shirley Siler.

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