Fans mourn the passing of a soap opera tradition

It’s the drama that surrounds the drama: The end of the 40-plus year run of “All My Children.”

The soap opera, starring Erica Kane, signed on in 1968 and revolves around the lives of the people living in the fictional town of Pine Valley.

Lakisha Christian has watched the soap for at least 20 years. She said that it has become a part of her daily routine.

“I'm always curious who is gonna sleep with who...who's gonna get pregnant by who and who's the father to which child,” she said. “I always try to figure it out before they actually reveal the secret. I always get it right.”

At midday at the Sunrise Retirement home, Louise Angle watched the classic soap. She remembered watching it with her father and is sad to see it go.

“All My Children is a friend,” she said.

Many stay-at-home mothers watched the soap for years. But with so many now working, viewership has dropped 9 percent since last year.

Scevia Hunt started watching the show with her grandmother.

“In a lot of ways it’s like an icon that's ending to me,” Hunt said. “I remember when the one who portrayed Erika Kane was 16-years-old in it.”