Fake tickets found at Adele concert

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Counterfeit tickets were discovered last night at the 930 Club for the highly sought-after Adele concert.

"Unfortunately some people took advantage of people who wanted to go so badly," said Audrey Schaefer, 930 Club spokesperson.

Schaefer said fake tickets are an "unusual occurrence" but demand for these tickets was something they'd never seen before, adding later that fake tickets are "not terribly common at the 930 Club."

She guessed maybe a dozen or so people had counterfeit tickets, but was not sure of the number. Some victims put the number at between 80 to 100. Victims said the tickets cost about $100 each, and were sold through Craigslist. The fake tickets looked strikingly similar to the real ones.

"The only way to guarantee a ticket is legitimate is to buy it at the box office or online at If you are buying from a third-party source, it's buyer beware," Schaefer said. "We really feel for the people who bought bogus tickets and tried to accommodate them by selling tickets at face value if space became available."

It was a capacity crowd and there was no room, so victims of the scam were allowed to stand near door where they could still hear the show. People are usually not allowed to do that, Schaefer said.

Concert-goers are reminded to be careful when they buy tickets from an unaffiliated person or organization.

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